QED upgrades precision orifice plate wellhead

QED Environmental Systems, Inc. has upgraded its ORP215M-R precision orifice plate wellhead, offering plate exchanges which give more accurate flow measurement with exact adjustment of gas flow, especially at very low charges (below 10 normal ft3/minute).
The new design includes a full package of six orifice plates securely attached to the wellhead for quick entry. เกจวัดแรงดันco2 -steel S-type orifice plate retainer keeps the plates close by and helps prevent loss of the orifice plates. With plates readily at hand, gas fields may be kept correctly tuned for the best efficiency.
Changing to the right orifice plate takes solely seconds, without having to shut down the management valve or retune the nicely. The precision fine tune management valve offers actual fuel move management, achieving close to linear circulate adjustment throughout its complete range.
The QED ORP215M-R wellhead options heavy-duty engineered plastic development and moulded, glass-filled polypropylene which boosts its resistance to UV, climate and harsh subject circumstances. By tuning the wellhead to hold up differential strain (DP) of zero.5–5-in of water column vacuum, wellheads function on the optimum fee.

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