Record! 18-inch flow nozzle manufactured in just 20 weeks

At ไดอะแฟรม of 2018, for a flow measurement application in India, the WIKA Group manufactured a PTC-6 nozzle with a diameter of 18 inches for the very first time ? and in a record time of just 20 weeks. The overall amount of this nozzle, including upstream/downstream piping, is 13.3 metres.
Trusting cooperation
The order was executed for a supplier in the energy industry based in Singapore. The production required a high degree of precision. The customer was able to depend on WIKA?s many years of expertise in the field of flow measurement and, specifically, in the production of flow nozzles.
Manufacture of the flow nozzle
This ultra-long nozzle was manufactured in a record time of just 20 weeks. ไดอะแฟรม was the successful calibration in the in-house flow laboratory, traceable to national standards. Making the flow nozzle posed some challenges. The major challenge was honing the pipe lengths to keep up the desired levels of finish. The design of the nozzle was also optimised in order that the required results could be achieved.
Outlook: order for 22-inch nozzle
Following successful completion, as a flow specialist, we’ve already received another order for a PTC-6 flow nozzle ? with pressure gauge -inch diameter. A fresh chapter for the WIKA Group, where we can now position ourselves as an integral supplier of flow nozzles for use in steam boilers.
More info on our instruments for flow measurement are available on the WIKA website.

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