The importance of supervised monitoring modules utilized in control and monitoring of extinguishing systems

In many locations from chemistry laboratories to industrial services, to find a way to guarantee the protection of life and property against a potential fireplace hazard, extinguishing systems are used along with detection and alarm systems. It can additionally be extremely necessary that the extinguishing methods put in may be triggered by the fire extinguishing control panel, in order to eliminate a potential fire with early intervention.
In order to satisfy these needs, and with 35 years of sectoral information and experience, Mavili Elektronik offers:
Maxlogic Conventional Fire Extinguishing Control Panel working according to the cross-zone detection principle;
Maxlogic Extinguishing Status Indicator Unit, which permits the distant performance of the indicators and controls on the Control Panel;
Maxlogic Extinguishing Output Expansion Panel;
Maxlogic Extinguishant Manual Release Button, which allows the extinguishing course of to be started manually and remotely; and
to ensure that the extinguishing process may be paused, Maxlogic has produced the Extinguishant Emergency Stop Button.
All these gadgets are produced using surface-mount know-how and are aimed at making the automation of the extinguishing system and fireplace and gas detection system excellent.
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Mavili Elektronik develops its merchandise by all the time contemplating the needs of the set up. In instances that require the combination of the extinguishing system with the clever addressable fire detection system, it offers solutions through the monitoring modules that even have a ‘supervised’ possibility.
Supervised monitoring modules play an essential role in controlling the continuity of the cable connection between the loop and the extinguishing system. Failure to detect a possible open or brief circuit within the wiring between the contact monitoring modules and the peripheral techniques may cause disruption of the triggering, with doubtlessly crucial consequences. For this purpose, when selecting monitoring modules, it ought to be taken under consideration that they have supervised features.
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Since Maxlogic intelligent addressable fire detection and alarm control panels are continually speaking with ‘supervise’ contact monitoring modules related to cable loops and compliant with EN 54-17 and EN 54-18 requirements, it makes it easier to observe conditions corresponding to open circuits and brief circuits that may happen within the system. Many tasks can be carried out in the fireplace extinguishing set up, such because the control and monitoring of all valves that can interrupt the flow of water, water flow alarm switches, stress swap, and electric or diesel fireplace pumps.
By adding pressure gauge หน้าปัด 2 นิ้ว monitoring modules to 2 separate relay outputs positioned above the Maxlogic Conventional Fire Extinguishing Control Panel, one of many modules can be used to control errors and the other to manage the fire scenario, monitoring and control of the extinguishing system via an intelligent addressable fireplace detection and alarm system can be carried out successfully.
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