Flowserve to produce pumps for information centre cooling

Working with AGI Industries, Flowserve Corp has secured a contract to offer 5,000 industrial course of pumps to TMGcore Inc, a Texas-based supplier of high-performance computing solutions and a specialist in liquid immersion cooling know-how.
Image © Jan Dzacovsky – inventory.adobe.com.
The Flowserve pumps will be used in patented immersion cooling models designed by TMGcore. The pumps will flow into dielectric fluids, which enable heat dissipation and cooling of servers within single-phase immersion cooled units.
Unlike traditional information centres, today’s technologies like artificial intelligence, deep studying, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing require a significantly greater quantity of information to be processed – expanding the necessity for elevated server capacity. As stakeholders look to scale back energy consumption in data centres, there is a rising demand for immersion cooling expertise. Immersion cooling can deal with higher warmth loads in high-density servers at a minimal value, and it’s also extra energy efficient than traditional air cooling.
เกวัดแรงดัน has dramatically extra capacity to remove heat than air cooling and has been proven to be more effective. A critical part of immersion-cooled items are commercial-grade pumps that transfer and recirculate fluid,” explains John-David Enright Sr, CEO of TMGcore. “Flowserve has demonstrated both its dedication to this sustainability-friendly know-how and its quality of customer service to us as a commercial buyer.”
Flowserve says that the partnership represents a step ahead in its market diversification.
“This truly exemplifies the dynamic capabilities of our pumps, and we are proud to participate in enabling the future of knowledge centres,” mentioned Tamara Morytko, president of Flowserve’s Pumps division. “As we pursue diversified markets in assist of our progress technique, we are committed to continued innovation with our present and future clients in mind.”

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