Hughes Pumps Ltd: The Ultrabar 30

The Ultrabar 30 pump, sometimes called the UB30, was initially named as the utmost flowrate was 30lpm. Later, totally different plunger sizes have been added to give a range of different flowrates. The hottest performance is currently 30lpm at 2800bar.
เกจวัดแรงดัน for this pump embrace floor preparation, heat exchanger cleansing, hydro demolition & chilly cutting.
Features of this pump design embrace:
Integral speed reduction gearbox, strain lubrication, filtration & cooling
Unique, Optional SAE engine housing available allowing the pump to be flange mounted to a diesel engine guaranteeing good alignment (prolongs lifetime of drive coupling and gearbox bearings) & removes all torsion (twisting) from the baseframe which could be compact & lightweight
Solid carbide plungers, single piece packing & inside cooling circuit
Pumphead design contains 3 individual cylinder & pumphead assemblies joined by a typical suction/discharge manifold, permitting individual cylinders to be maintained without disturbing adjacent ones
Excellent element life

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